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Eduardo Rui Alves, citizen of the world, primary school teacher for 30 years, likes to reflect and share his reflections.

He likes to share his vision of the world through short chronicles about everything and nothing.

He liked to feel the wind on his face, on stormy days, when he walked along Avenida Marginal in Ponta Delgada, where he was born.

He considers that Education is the preparation for knowing “hear the wind”. And he believes that the Wind is everything that brings us news and information from the world around us. 

He was born in the last century, in the Azores, in Ponta Delgada, but he considers himself a citizen of the 20th century. XXI.

He studied to be a professor at the University of the Azores and did an internship with two excellent advisors who taught him a lot about the art of making others learn.

Listen since 2010, the Winds coming from China, bringing you amazing Chinese Medicine. In this way, he hopes to provide better health to everyone around him.

considers that the Wind of Times is imprinted in all of our imagination and that it is essential to take a look at what was recorded in cinema, literature, and music.

Thus, he is the author of the websites:

Listen the wind

Chinese box

Even today he likes to listen to the wind, which blows every day from the Serra de Sintra, opposite which he lives with his partner and girlfriend.

He also enjoys the warm breezes of the Alentejo, where he spends many weekends and a good part of each summer.

He wishes everyone a happy life.

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