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the first memories

Ponta Delgada Lyceum, Christmas 1967.


The 1st-grade children came on foot to the gymnasium of this high school.

Here, at 3 pm, the magic happened: a show on stage. The highlight was the Midnight Waltz accompanied by 10 little dancers.

It was a simple school show, but in my memory, it remains the most wonderful show of all time, magnificent, brilliant, in a majestic room.

When I went back there a few years later, in my teens, I saw that it was an old gym, sad and lackluster. It probably never had any magnificence.

Was it the magic of the theater?

In my memories, there are other theatrical shows, rare in a small town in the middle of the Atlantic.


Television made up for it, broadcasting theater plays in the evenings, some recorded in the theater and others reconstructed in the studio, without losing the eternal flavor of the theater.

It was theater seen in a lounge chair, on winter nights, with a blanket down to your knees and the wind and rain outside.


It was there that I saw, surprised, at the age of 17, Samuel Beckett's "Waiting for Godot".

On trips to Lisbon, in the 80s and 90s, I took the opportunity to see several theater shows:


  • Mário Viegas in several shows;

  • Rui de Carvalho in "Encoberto" by Natália Correia;

  • Filipe La Féria, still at Casa da Comédia;

  • Raul Soldado in "Há Petrólio no Beato";

  • Eunice Muñoz in "Mother Courage and her Children", by Bertold Brecht,  1986,  Lisboa;

  • Alexandra Lencastre in Tchevov's "Seagull" in 1992;

The fascination of the theater remained.

In 2005, Rita Guerreiro da Cassefaz brought the challenge:

a show whose ending depended on public participation: interactive theater. Thus, the first of three theatrical plays about the TomÁs, the character who wanted to be a real person.

Em 2004, Rita Guerreiro launches a new challenge: theater aboard a bus, along the roads of Monsanto Park, in Lisbon (Portugal).


  • 1999 – Author of the script for the animation “O Palácio da Banda Desenhada” for Bedeteca de Lisboa
  • 2002 – Author and director of the play for children “A Escolha do Tomé” premiered on March 3rd at Teatro Maria Matos - Lisbon
  • 2002 – Author and director of the play for children “A Viagem do Tomé”, premiered on December 2nd at Teatro Há-de-Ver – Lisbon.
  • 2004 – Author and director of the play for children “A Caminho da Comilónia”, premiered on November 12th aboard a bus in progress at Parque Florestal do Monsanto – Lisbon.
  • 2005 – Author and director of the mini-play for children “O Sonho de Robert” about the life of Baden-Powell premiered on November 19, 2006, at the headquarters of Grupo 93 - Associação de Escuteiros de Portugal in Sintra.
  • 2005 – Author and director of the play for children “Tome em Grande” premiered on the 8th of November at Teatro Camões – Lisbon.
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