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Sharing of various reflections, in an exercise of citizenship. 


# 194 - 21 .out.2020

A life story

From there, individually or collectively, we gain the ability to anticipate. It is this anticipation, materialized, for example, in the predictions of epidemiologists, that can allow for the necessary adaptations and adjustments.

# 193 - 29 .set.2020

An intelligent sexagenarian

So, in the morning, you have to draw the curtains, lift the blinds, open the windows and look at the sky. If the soundtrack in the morning does not allow for great reflections, at least see if it is going to rain and wear a suitable outfit to face the day and life.

Ser Inteligente.png
# 191 - 21 .mar.2020

We have to be smart

I would even say, it would be smarter to be really smart instead of just trying to be smart. This thing of trying to be, smells like the Portuguese trick.


# 190 - 03 .May.2019

Old Dakota

They also say that the plane was so balanced that it seemed to anticipate the pilot's mistakes, and the plane itself ended up correcting them.

# 189 - Feb 10, 2019

Sleep or ancestry so close

And this is not a hindrance, nor a limitation. On the contrary, it is precious information that guarantees to be aware of the need to rehabilitate the organism to face the next day.

But then why, again, the question, this discouragement before the constant prospect of change?

# 187 - Jan 12, 2019

S. Francisco or Casanova

There is a curious mental exercise that can lead us to a clearing of clarification. Just ask the following: Homo sapiens, which appeared on planet Earth 100,000 years ago, what characteristics does it have to be able to survive as a species and proliferate across the planet?

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