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Berlusconi died


At someone's funeral, it is hoped that there will be an opportunity to acknowledge the deceased's positive contributions.

Commentators tell us that Berlusconi was an outstanding politician in recent decades in Italy. Was he the first in a string of populists: a Trump with European charm?

He managed to bring together a coalition of political forces that allowed him to carry several governments to the end of their mandate.

I don't know if I will be available to analyze in depth Sílvio Berlusconi's political path. Maybe I should do it one day. For now, it saddens me that in the gallery of great figures that Italy has given the world, they want to place the figure of this tycoon, with all the tics of the vain and truculent Italian, condemned in court for a few irregularities.

Dante Alighieri, Luigi Pirandello, Alberto Moravia, Elena Ferrante, Romano Prodi, Aldo Mori, Fedrico Felinni, Nanni Moretti and... Sergio Berlusconi ?

Am I being unfair?

Faced with the death of someone, for whom we do not feel great empathy, what to feel and what to think?

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