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The monumental river

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

August 23, 2022

Almost every country in Europe has a river.

Some countries share the same river.

In Portugal, we have the Tagus, ours, which crosses the whole country coming from Spain.

Bathes Lisbon and gives you the setting for where the city looks.

It divides the country and gives name to the lands of the south: Alem-Tejo.

Here, in this image, the Tejo has just crossed the border between Spain and Portugal. The waters are pacified because there's a dam up ahead.

In the background is Belver, with its medieval castle.

There is countless history in this village. History of blankets, soap, fights, and religious relics that are still evoked today.

Belver was the home of the Religious Order of the Hospital or Order of Malta. A memory of a country that has established its borders for over 700 years.

© Eduardo Rui Alves

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